Mark Rowland is the coordinator of PAMVERC and a professor of medical entomology working primarily on the development and evaluation of new methods of malaria vector control.

He was Head of Department of Disease Control (2010-2014) and Deputy Director of the Malaria Centre (2011-2014) at LSHTM.

His primary research is on the development and evaluation of new vector control tools in field trials against mosquitoes and malaria at all phases of development from laboratory, experimental hut to community levels. Since 2005 Mark has worked with the Innovative Vector Control Consortium (IVCC) and agrochemical manufacturers on vector control product development. He and African collaborators (PAMVERC) are the primary group used by the IVCC. Prior to the IVCC he was medical entomologist on the LSHTM Gates Malaria Partnership, an early BMGF malaria programme under Prof Brian Greenwood which was instrumental in identifying the potential of various agricultural insecticides (e.g. chlorfenapyr, BASF) and bringing these to the IVCC.
Since 2002 Mark has served on the Technical Committee of WHO Pesticide Evaluation Scheme (WHOPES), and has run independent trials on mosquito control products for 15 years. He also serves on the WHO Technical Expert Group for Vector Control (VCTEG).

He has special interest in vector borne disease control in countries affected by crisis and conflict and was one of the first proponents of evidence based research for refugee populations. From 1991 to 1998 he managed the malaria and leishmaniasis control programme of HealthNet-TPO, Medecins sans Frontières and UNHCR for the Afghan populations living in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Since returning to LSHTM in 1999 Mark has maintained and build research links with health NGOs working in Asia and Africa. He also has research interests in malaria diagnosis and chemotherapy.

Mark supervises MSc and PhD Students from LSHTM.