The proof is in the pudding

As part of the ‘Improving Health in Wartime’ exhibition, we are planning a series of events using archive material.

In keeping with the World War theme, I have selected leaflets from our Nutrition collection produced by the Ministry of Food on the onset of the Second World War and after. The leaflets touched on subjects like eggless puddings (as eggs were rationed), budget family menus, ration guide for expectant mothers and best use of vegetables to mention but a few.

One such publication utilises tinned foods like vegetables and fruit. While sifting through the recipes in this leaflet, I particularly liked the upside down pineapple cake.

upside down pineapple cake recipe-

My first try at resurrecting this recipe was less than impressive but I was keen to get it right.

my cake

Here are some original recipes from the nutrition collection for you to try at home:

puddings recipe cakes recipe

Written by Rashid Mukasa

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