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Library laptops and other useful bits & bobs

All of the below are available via the Library Enquiry desk. Please contact if you have any questions.

Library Laptop Loans

Laptops are available for short-term loan to students and staff. Laptops can be loaned from the library enquiry desk and are for use in the library only. Loans include a laptop lock for security.









Library Laptop Lockers

Ever been tied to your desk all day because you couldn’t face hauling your laptop around with you? Well LSHTM library have just the thing for you! We have 13 laptop lockers to free you (for a short time at least!) from the worry and inconvenience of carrying around your laptop. These lockers have been very kindly donated by the SRC and are intended for use by LSHTM students to lock personal laptops away while on short break from studying. If you’re interested in using a library laptop locker please ask at the Enquiries Desk for information and to borrow a key.









Book Stands

Are you tired of the perpetual fight to keep pages open while you take notes? Have you had enough of having to read at an awkward angle? A solution is at hand in the form of ten gorgeous new wooden book stands that have been generously donated by the SRC. The book stands make life much easier when reading and are guaranteed to make studying much more aesthetically pleasing! The stands can be loaned from the library enquiry desk and are for use in the library only.






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