World Cancer Day

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Sir Ronald Ross

While Sir Ronald Ross is mainly known for his work on malaria, he was also interested the treatment of many other diseases. To mark World Cancer Day, which aims to promote a positive and proactive approach towards battling cancer, we have found a press cutting from our Ross collection highlighting his views on the state of cancer research in 1922. In his letter, Ross supports Lord Atholstan and Sir William Veno’s offering of a munificent prize to anyone who discovers ‘A Cure for Cancer’. While many criticised this use of prize money, claiming that the funds would be better put to use through subsidising laboratories, Ross argued that it was a positive way to further research. By offering such a prize, more practitioners who were already were in frequent contact with the disease may be persuaded to join ‘the army of attack’ against cancer, and aid in ‘attaining the final victory’. Ross adds that many great medical discoveries throughout history have been made by ‘amateurs’, therefore ‘every possible method’ should be used to encourage their research in order to find a cure for cancer. Written by Rosalind Ryan-Mills, Archive Volunteer. For further information please contact the Archives Service.

Press Cutting: A Cure for Cancer

Press Cutting: A Cure for Cancer

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