Ebook Central DDA trial comes to an end

Over the last couple of months the Library has been running a trial of ‘Demand-driven Acquisition’ (DDA) on ProQuest’s Ebook Central platform.  This has enabled users to search for ebooks in Ebook Central via the Library’s Discover search tool, and make requests for the Library to purchase ebooks that are of interest to them. In addition to making requests, ProQuest also allowed users to get a free five minute preview of any ebook.

The Library will now look at data from the trial to help make decisions on taking DDA further.  If you have any feedback on the trial (e.g. searching for ebooks in Discover, ProQuest interface, ease of making a request, feedback from the Library on requests etc), comments can be sent to collections@lshtm.ac.uk

In the meantime, the Library is running a trial with Oxford Scholarship Online, providing access to the STM Collection via ‘Evidence-based acquisition’ (EBA).  This trial finishes in November 2016.  Further details can be found here.  Both EBA and DDA are forms of ‘Patron-driven acquisition’ (PDA), which enables users to have a direct say and input into what the Library purchases for its collections.  With PDA models users can gain access to a wide range of ebooks and become part of the collection management process.

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