On-demand access to eBooks

The Library is currently providing access to thousands of eBooks from ProQuest, using a ‘demand driven acquisition’ (DDA) model. Subjects covered include health, economics, nursing, pharmacy, biology, botany, zoology, social sciences, and many more.  Readers can run a search as usual in Discover, and if you click on one of these titles and make a purchase request, the Library will consider acquiring the eBook. This gives you the chance to select eBooks that you need, and help shape the future of the Library’s eBook collection.

The extra titles can all be searched for in Discover, and will come up in results if relevant ones are available. By clicking on any of these titles you will be forwarded to ProQuest’s Ebook Central platform. Here you can access a five-minute preview of each eBook, giving you time to browse contents pages, sample the text, and decide if it is what you need (in the preview stage, you won’t be able to print or copy). Alternatively, if you already know that you want full access to the eBook, you can skip the preview and request the title directly. Getting a response will usually take up to three working days. You will receive an email letting you know whether or not you have access to the title.

Once the eBook is acquired by the Library, you’ll have full access to the text, and to the tools offered by Ebook Central.

Any queries, please email collections@lshtm.ac.uk


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