What do you think of the group study area?

Group Study Area

In semester 2 of the last academic year, Library Staff undertook a feedback project to improve the group study area in the Library (also known as the Wellcome Gallery). We used a range of feedback techniques to find out why students used the space, what they thought of the space, and how we could make it better for them.

Following on from the project, we made a number of changes to the space over the summer, and now we’d like to find out what you think. From 12th to 23rd November we’ll be asking you for your feedback. We’ll have feedback sheets out in the space, or if you prefer, you can use our online feedback form.

What we learnt in 2017/18:

  • The AC unit noise is too loud
  • More group study space is needed
  • The space is popular for group and solo study
  • The food and drink rules need to be relaxed
  • The relaxed environment is popular
  • The study carrells are too dark to use
  • The space is cluttered
  • There are not enough power sockets.

What we did in 2017/18:

  • Relaxed the food and drink rules
  • Kept a mixture of group and solo study spaces
  • Removed clutter
  • Moved the study carrells to an area with better lighting
  • Kept the relaxed environment
  • Added extra study spaces
  • Added extra power sockets
  • Added large laptop connector screens.

We’ll also be running a week of user experience observations from the 15th to 21st November. Three times a day, members of library staff will walk round the Library spaces and record user behaviour. For example is the user working alone or in a group; are they using a laptop and/or books? No personal information will be recorded and library users will not be approached or interviewed.  We use this information to learn more about why people use the library, which are the most popular spaces, and to help guide our decision making about the library space and services.

You can find out information about our previous feedback projects on our Student Portal pages.




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