When I first arrived at the School, the World Health Organization (WHO)  theme “Health for all by the year 2000” was highly topical, with an emphasis on access to primary health care.

We are now into the nineteenth year of the new century, and one which has seen its fair share of conflict and political upheval. For this year’s World Health Day, WHO’s publicity is promoting 18 key messages, see: https://www.who.int/campaigns/world-health-day/world-health-day-2019/key-messages

Perhaps the most poignant of these is “We know universal health coverage is possible, let’s make it happen!”. But indeed how do we make it happen, and how do we measure outcomes?

In the Reading Room we have put together a few books on the topic of global health, from various angles, including the latest edition of Donaldson’s Essential Public Health, kindly donated by the author before publication and ahead of our purchase of further copies. We also have, again partly by  donation of some copies, the fourth edition of Global Public Health of which Anne Mills is one of the editors. Other titles include an alternative, pithy analysis of the World Health report ; legal angles on public health measures ; and encyclopedias of global health

There are multiple copies of most of these titles, but if you do see something on the display that you’d like to borrow, just take it up to the staff member at the Enquiries Desk who will be happy to issue it to your account.

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