RCUK Open Access Funding – Now Available for OA Journals

As announced last month, we are now in receipt of our new grant to help pay for open access fees for publications emerging from Research Councils UK funded research (with a grant end date of March 2020 or when funds are fully allocated).

As was the case last year, to help make the best use of the available funds, we are limiting the funds to:

  • research articles
  • acknowledging an RCUK grant held at LSHTM
  • published in fully open access journals (not subscription journals with the option of paid-for open access)
  • up to a maximum of £2500 per article (you can check the open access fee on the journal website, or ask us to check if you are unsure)

Funds will be made available to eligible articles on receipt of a completed application submitted via ServiceDesk.

We recommend that you apply for funds around the point of submission to ensure funds are available for you, since funding is not guaranteed otherwise.

If you are not eligible for funding for paid-for (‘gold’) open access, please note you can usually meet your funder’s open access requirements by depositing the accepted manuscript in LSHTM Research Online at the point of acceptance for publication (you can deposit through the new Elements publications system.) MRC funded authors should also ensure their manuscripts are deposited in Europe PMC.

Research articles acknowledging funding from the MRC Units should apply to publications officers at the Units.


Apply for RCUK open access funding here: ServiceDesk

Ask us for help here

Deposit to LSHTM Research Online via Elements





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