National Fitness Day

National Fitness Day

25th September 2019 is National Fitness Day, where people participate in yoga and pilates classes, treadmill challenges, “plank-offs”, dance-offs and group walks in a spirit of fun and celebration. National Fitness Day seeks to highlight the benefits of being active for individuals, communities and society as a whole.

Books in LSHTM Library about fitness and its role in public health are found on the east wall of the main Reading Room, shelved in classification SK.

Strong beautiful modern by MacdonaldStrong, beautiful, and modern : national fitness in Britain, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada, 1935-1960” by Charlotte Macdonald. (Vancouver : UBC Press, 2013)

Classmark: SKF.D 2013

Describes what led governments in the 1930s and 1940s to decide that their citizens must become more healthy and active, and what the subsequent waves of national fitness programmes achieved.

McKenna Perspectives on health and exercisePerspectives on health and exercise” edited by Jim McKenna and Chris Riddoch. (London : Palgrave Macmillan, 2003)

Classmark: SKF 2003

Investigates the relationship between health and exercise, looking at topics such as how much and what type of exercise is beneficial, barriers to being active, and promotion of physical activity through schools.

Weinberg Foundations of sportFoundations of sport and exercise psychology” by Robert S. Weinberg and Daniel Gould. 3rd ed. (Leeds : Human Kinetics, 2003)

Classmark: SKJ 2003

Covers psychological concepts relating to sport and exercise, such as competition and cooperation, burnout and overtraining, and character development and sportspersonship.

MacAuley Evidence-based sports medicineEvidence-based sports medicine” edited by Domhnall MacAuley and Thomas Best.  2nd ed. (Oxford : BMJ Books, Blackwell Publishing, 2007)

Classmark: SKF 2007

Uses evidence from systematic reviews and controlled trials to inform the management of acute and chronic sports-related conditions and strategies for injury prevention.

Biddle Physical activityPhysical activity and psychological well-being” edited by Stuart J.H. Biddle, Ken Fox and Steve Boutcher. (London : Routledge, 2000)

Classmark: SKJ.PX 2000

Looks at the relationship between physical activity and mental health, and the role of exercise in the promotion of psychological well-being.

Bouchard Physical activity and healthPhysical activity and health” edited by Claude Bouchard, Steven N. Blair and William Haskell. (Leeds : Human Kinetics, 2006)

Classmark: SKF 2006

Describes the role of physical activity in preventing disease and enhancing quality of life, and provides an overview of research findings and limitations.


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