World Mental Health Day 2019

World Mental Health Day is 10 October 2019. The day provides an opportunity to raise awareness of mental health issues and to advocate against social stigma. World Mental Health Day is organised by the World Federation for Mental Health, and supported this year by the World Health Organization, the International Association for Suicide Prevention, and United for Global Mental Health.

The theme this year is suicide and suicide prevention. Every 40 seconds someone loses their life to suicide and so the Day’s organizers are calling for “40 seconds of action” to:

  • Raise awareness of suicide as a global public health problem
  • Improve knowledge of what can be done to help prevent suicide
  • Reduce the stigma around suicide
  • Let people who are struggling know they are not alone

We can all look out for others when it comes to mental health – whether they are friends, family, students or colleagues.  We can all take 40 seconds to start the conversation around mental health.

To support WMHD the Library has a display of books on mental health and wellbeing.  The shelfmark for this topic is UJ and books can be found in the Library’s Barnard Room.

More information on what the School is doing to support mental health wellbeing (including Time to Change, Mental Health Network, Mental Health First Aiders, etc.) can be found on the intranet.

For more information on Student Support Services, visit the Student Hub in person (G90, Keppel Street) or online.

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