An alternative guide to the Barnard classification scheme: part 5

Another weekend of lockdown, another weekend of drawing stick figures to illustrate some of the content covered by the Barnard classification scheme. This week we have a look at classes T-UQ. Class U covers the specialties of medicine, and is subdivided into smaller classes.

Classes T-UQ: T, Medical Jurisprudence; UA, Aviation Medicine; UB, Tropical Medicine; UC, Military and Naval Medicine; UD, Industrial and Workplace Medicine; UE-UG, Musculoskeletal System; UH, Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Systems; UI, Nervous System; UJ, Psychology and Psychiatry; UK, Ophthalmology; UL-UN, Otorhinolaryngology; UO, Respiratory System; UP, Digestive System; UQ, Endocrine System.

As these classes are towards the end of the classification scheme, books published after 1990 on these subjects are likely to be found in the Barnard Room, older material needs to be requested from our stores (when we open again).

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