Access to JSTOR archival journal collections

Readers now have access to the following JSTOR archive collections:

  • Arts & Sciences I
  • Arts & Sciences II
  • Arts & Sciences VI
  • Arts & Sciences VII
  • Arts & Sciences X
  • Life Sciences

These collections provide readers with full-text articles from nearly 900 journal titles. The Life Sciences collection is discipline-specific and focuses on the biological sciences, botany, agriculture, and psychology. The Arts & Sciences collections are multi-discipline and comprise of several core subjects, including health science, social sciences, economics, psychology, anthropology, African studies, political science, law, and education.

All journal coverage includes the full archival run. Access is provided from volume 1, issue 1 up to the moving wall, including previous and related titles. The moving wall delay is set by a journal’s publisher and ranges from 0 to 10 years, although the majority of journals in the JSTOR archive have a moving wall delay of 3 to 5 years.

Access to content is via the Library’s online search tool, Discover. Sign in with your School username and password to ensure full access to content.

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