Green Libraries Week – Recycling

“Recycling cuts carbon dioxide emissions by 700 million tonnes a year. Recycling is one of the solutions to combat climate change. Recycling reduces the need to use new natural resources, including the fossil fuels that are used to make most plastics. For every tonne of paper recycled, for example, 17 trees can be saved and water used in manufacturing is cut by 50%.

It is estimated that recycling has the potential to reduce carbon emissions by the equivalent of 10.4-11.2 Gt of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions between 2020-2050, which would be equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide Japan emits in a year”. How recycling can help the climate and other facts – BBC Future

LSHTM provide recycling bins for general waste and recyclable items such as newspapers, cans etc. All of the printers at LSHTM use recycled paper. We also recycle waste generated by the printers and have recently introduced a battery recycling point. As part of our collections policy, print material intended for disposal is passed to a bookseller for reuse as a sustainable solution. The move towards online journal subscriptions as opposed to print also reduces paper consumption.

The library holds an online subscription to Recycling.

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