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Book Display: National Stress Awareness Day

Header image from atlascompany on Freepik.

National Stress Awareness Day takes place this year on Wednesday 1st November 2023. Founded by the International Stress Management Association, it aims to raise awareness of workplace stress and ways to combat it. The Library stocks lots of titles on stress and mental health from many perspectives: the list below of those in the book display gives just a sample of them. You can find the majority of books on mental health under shelfmarks beginning with UJ, but try searching Discover with relevant keywords to find some electronic resources too.

If you’re feeling stressed at LSHTM for whatever reason, you might also find the services listed at LSHTM Student Support Services useful. From the financial hardship fund to counselling services, they are there to help you! If you’re looking instead for relaxing activities, one suggestion might be to investigate our Library Book Swap in the Library foyer. There’s about ten shelves’ worth of fiction and nonfiction to browse and borrow, or you can donate your own old books by asking at the Enquiry Desk.


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