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Picture of Charles Stille, author of History of the United States Sanitary Commission.

History of the United States Sanitary Commission

History of the United States Sanitary Commission / by Charles J Stillé – New York : Hurd and Houghton, 1868.

For digitized copy (Wellcome Collection) follow this link:

Founded in 1861 to support sick and wounded soldiers of the U.S. Army (Union Army) during the American Civil…

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The Historical Collection: Small Pox and the debate over early vaccination

In this blogpost we take a look at a couple of books found in the Reece Collection, a collection of items largely on the topics of small pox and early vaccination once owned by Richard J Reece.

In the early 19th century, the advent of vaccination sparked intense debates within…

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Bookplate of Skene Library

Skene Library– finding the provenance

One of our current projects in the Collections Team is going through our historical collections and enhancing the catalogue records so that they conform to modern standards for rare books. One aspect of this process are the fields on the records relating to the provenance of the book in question…

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An image of a cows head

Historical Collection: The Victorian meat market, tainted meat, and public health crisis—a look at W. Wylde’s The Inspection of Meat. 

This is a blog post about the book “The Inspection of Meat: A Guide and Instruction Book to Officers Supervising Contract-Meat and to All Sanitary Inspectors Embodying the Teaching Imparted to the Army Service Corps.” By W. Wylde. This item is part of the London School of Hygiene and…

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