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World AIDS Day Statement

This year’s World AIDS Day comes at an exciting time for HIV prevention and treatment. Thirty years after the first case was reported, new science has now shown that treating people with HIV medication (anti-retrovirals) can substantially reduce the risk of transmission while smarter … Continue reading

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Alternatives to the chemical cosh

By Bob Erens There is wide concern about anti-psychotic drugs being prescribed far too readily for patients with dementia, particularly in care homes. The so-called ‘chemical cosh’ has been blamed by government-commissioned research for the premature deaths of 1,800 people … Continue reading

How PIRU aims to make a difference

By Nick Mays Governments these days are less interested in simply supplying services and much more concerned to guarantee results, regardless of how services are provided. That’s true particularly for healthcare. After all, what is healthcare policy meant to achieve? … Continue reading