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Shining a light on the dark side of coproduction

by Kathryn Oliver, Anita Kothari and Nicholas Mays Advocacy of co-produced research Many, if not most applied research projects, are undertaken with some degree of collaboration between researchers and ‘stakeholders’, who include research funders, policymakers or practitioners, members of the … Continue reading

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14-27 November 2019

Harriet Forbes speaks to the Times (£) about her work indicating an increased risk of dementia diagnosis in the months following partner bereavement. Harriet said: “We think simply that it may be that your partner has been covering for you… After … Continue reading

Mystery shoppers for healthcare providers: risky or rewarding in measuring quality of care?

By Jessica King (London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine) The million-dollar question How can we best measure quality of care? It’s the million-dollar question which those of us working in health systems and quality improvement would love to answer. … Continue reading

Alumni researchers: Investigating TB in sub-Saharan Africa

A team of researchers, led by LSHTM alumnus Benjamin Momo Kadia, are proposing to conduct the first evidence review and synthesis investigating the barriers to and enablers of uptake of and adherence to antiretroviral therapy in the context of integrated … Continue reading

SUPPLEMENT LAUNCH! Advancing health systems for all in an SDG era

Health Systems Global and Health Policy and Planning are pleased to announce the publication of a special supplement – Advancing health systems for all in an SDG era. How did this supplement arise? The Fifth Global Symposium on Health Systems … Continue reading