Invited talk at the Institute for Molecular Infection Biology, Wurzburg

Just got back from a couple of days in Wurzburg, Germany. Nicolai Siegel invited me to talk on the Microbiology Colloquium (at the Institute for Molecular Infection Biology) – on 29th April I presented our latest data on the characterisation of trypanosome factors responsible for drug and human serum efficacy.

The Institute has a great strength in bacteriology, so it was mostly an audience of bacteriologists with only a smattering kinetoplastid researchers; I may have catered more to the latter, but the questions suggested that a few of the former also found it interesting! (Some judicious editing will be required before I present this again at the end of May at the University of York!)

Apart from the talk, it was a great opportunity to catch up with Nicolai Siegel, who invited me, and Chris Janzen and Susanne Kramer at the Biozentrum, and to hear about the great work they and their teams are doing.