Jeffrey Eaton presented on work from the HIV Modelling Consortium Writing Group on ART Eligibility Guidelines (with inputs from the ALPHA Network) in Session O-10 (abstract 117):

HIV Mortality by Care Cascade Stage and Implications for Universal ART Eligibility (webcast)

Ruanne V Barnabas1, Eran Bendavid2, Anna Bershteyn3, Andrew Boulle4, Jeffrey W Eaton5, Nathan Ford6, Timothy B Hallett5, Jan A C Hontelez7, Daniel J Klein3, Jack J Olney5, Andrew N Phillips8, Georges Reniers9, Paul Revill10, Emma Slaymaker9, Basia Zaba9

1University of Washington, 2Stanford University, 3Institute for Disease Modelling, 4University of Cape Town, 5Imperial College London, 6World Health Organization, 7Erasmus University, 8University College London, 9 London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, 10University of York