School building photo competition

As part of ‘The Changing Face of Keppel Street’ exhibition, which will be on display around the School between July and September 2016, we are launching a photo competition for staff and students! We are looking for impressing and creative photos of different parts of the School building.ext contemp close up_Av 01_01_04_02

What sort of things are we looking for?

When we open our doors to the public during the annual Open House event, visitors are amazed by this building. They comment how they are equally impressed by the original features such as the beautiful art deco Library and also the newer areas such as the North and South Courtyards. We would like you to capture areas of the building that you find interesting and attractive. This could be a small detail such as a pattern on a floor or a larger area such as a whole room. It will be fascinating to see the School through new eyes.

The winning photo, along with a selection of entries, will be on display as part of The Changing Face of Keppel Street exhibition. It will also appear in the Chariot News blog and on the website, and the winning photographer will receive a £100 gift voucher.

floor_contemp_AV 01_01_02_13Submission guidelines

  • Entries must be sent to
  • Entries will be judged on originality, quality, composition and appropriateness to the theme
  • Entries may be in colour or black and white
  • No more than three entries per person
  • Deadline for entries is Sunday 12th June 2016
  • Please provide a caption for your photos
  • If identifiable individuals appear in your photo, please ensure that you have their permission before submission
  • All entries will appear in the competition category of the School’s image database which will be accessible by School staff and students
  • The winning entry will appear as part of The Changing Face of Keppel Street exhibition, on the Chariot News Blog and PhotoLibrary webpage
  • Entries may be used for promotional purposes e.g. School website, Annual Report, Chariot, prospectus, exhibitions etc.
  • Copyright – by entering the competition, competitors warrant that they own the copyright in their photograph and they give consent to the School to store the image and reproduce it in any School related publication or medium

For further information on the competition, please contact the Archives team at