Development of modules for Biostatistics MSc

The African academic institutions are developing masters courses in biostatistics.  LSHTM has been requested to help in the development of modules for these courses, through the SSACAB consortium.  In the LSHTM grant, we have some (small) funds to support members of staff who would like to take on the development and delivery of the modules. Some of the requests we have had include:

  • KCMU college, to develop some modules on Clinical Trials.
  • KCMU college, to include ordinal and multinomial regression in the teaching of logistic regression.
  • Stellenbosch, to develop a module on Causal Inference.
  • Stellenbosch, to develop a module called Clinical Biostatistics (which aims to teach appropriate strategies of analysis).
  • Stellenbosch, for Multivariate statistics.
  • University of Zambia, for Analysis of Hierarchical data, including multilevel models, repeated measures and GEE.

For more information on these tasks, and how to proceed, please contact Jim Todd (LSHTM).