Health Policy and Planning – Top Cited and Accessed Articles in 2017

By Natasha Salaria (London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine)

Health Policy and Planning publishes high-quality health policy and systems research that aims to inform policy and practice in low- and middle-income countries and provides a forum for publishing high quality research and original ideas, for an audience of policy and public health researchers and practitioners. Below you can find our top 10 most cited and most accessed content in 2017- Enjoy!

Top 10 Most Cited

  1. Understanding and improving the one and three times GDP per capita cost-effectiveness thresholds
  2. Overview, methods and results of multi-country community-based maternal and newborn care economic analysis
  3. Indonesia’s road to universal health coverage: a political journey
  4. Health facility challenges to the provision of Option B+ in western Kenya: a qualitative study
  5. Support and performance improvement for primary health care workers in low- and middle-income countries: a scoping review of intervention design and methods
  6. South-Africa (Goodstart III) trial: community-based maternal and newborn care economic analysis
  7. Malawi three district evaluation: Community-based maternal and newborn care economic analysis
  8. Performance-based financing: the same is different
  9. Civil war, contested sovereignty and the limits of global health partnerships: A case study of the Syrian polio outbreak in 2013
  10. Bolivia programme evaluation of a package to reach an underserved population: Community-based maternal and newborn care economic analysis

Top 10 Most Accessed

  1. Frameworks to assess health systems governance: a systematic review
  2. Minding the gaps: health financing, universal health coverage and gender
  3. 10 Best resources for community engagement in implementation research
  4. Barriers and enablers of kangaroo mother care implementation from a health systems perspective: a systematic review
  5. Understanding the linkages between social safety nets and childhood violence: a review of the evidence from low- and middle-income countries
  6. Interventions and approaches to integrating HIV and mental health services: a systematic review
  7. Health systems facilitators and barriers to the integration of HIV and chronic disease services: a systematic review
  8. Building a middle-range theory of free public healthcare seeking in sub-Saharan Africa: a realist review
  9. How do performance-based financing programmes measure quality of care? A descriptive analysis of 68 quality checklists from 28 low- and middle-income countries
  10. Strengthening mental health system governance in six low- and middle-income countries in Africa and South Asia: challenges, needs and potential strategies