Library & Archives Service Satisfaction Survey

We’re running our annual user satisfaction survey fropm the 17th to 28th July. You’ll be recieving an email to your School account with a simple 1 click response to capture how satisfied you have been with the Library & Archives Service in 2017/18.

All you have to do is open the email and click the number that best represents how you feel about the Service.

You’ll then also have the option to provide more detailed comments and suggestions for the Service.

Your views and suggestions are really important to us, we use them to shape our plans to improve your Service. For example, feedback from users in 2016/17 led to:

  • Desks with plugs in the Library Reading Room
  • Whiteboards for group study
  • USB chargers for your devices
  • Number pads for laptops
  • Screen wipes for laptops
  • Improved Inter Library Loan request form
  • Improvements to the Wellcome Gallery