World Haemophilia Day

World Haemophilia Day (WHD2019) is an annual international awareness day held on the 17 April for haemophilia and other bleeding disorders. The day celebrates advances in treatment, and raises awareness of the issues relating to diagnosis and care to the wider public.  There is currently a display in the Library’s Reading Room relating to WHD2019.

Haemophilia is an invisible disability, and can cause excessive bleeding and poor blood clotting. The condition varies in severity from person to person, and can lead to mild to severe health issues. Haemophilia occurs due to defective genes and currently there is no cure. In addition to the physical symptoms, many suffers experience stigma and a lack of understanding of the condition which can then impact their mental health.

The Library & Archives Service provides access to both print and electronic resources on haemophilia, haematology, blood and blood disorders.  A search in the Library’s Discover will provide further information and resource details.

Some useful shelfmarks to locate print books in the Library’s Reading Room are PY (haematology), PYB (blood groups), PYF (diseases of the blood), and ROT (blood transfusion).