Finding study spaces during the exam revision period

Finding Study Spaces

In the build-up to exams, the Library can become very busy. Students may wish to use alternative study spaces. There are a range of options at the School, and in the local area.

At LSHTM Keppel Street:

  • Library
  • LG24 Pop-Up Library Study Space (from 28th May to 11th June)
  • North Courtyard Library Study Space
  • eLibrary

Local Libraries:

  • Senate House Library
  • Birkbeck Library
  • SOAS Library
  • Wellcome Collection Library
  • British Library

Looking for 24/7 Library access? Birkbeck Library is open 24/7 until 16th June. You can use their Library IF you register during the day. You will need to take your student ID card and a passport sized photo.

You can find information on using and joining other libraries on our Service Desk pages:

Using the Library

If you are using the Library, please be aware of how your behaviour impacts other Library users during this busy time.

  1. The main floor of the Library (Reading Room and Barnard Room) is for quiet study only. Please use the upstairs Wellcome Gallery if you prefer conversation when studying, and to take phone calls. Ensure that you finish any conversations before entering the Reading Room.
  2. You are welcome to have drinks with lids anywhere in the Library, but if you want to eat food you need to use the upstairs Wellcome Gallery. We only allow cold snacks – hot food and meals should be eaten outside the Library.
  3. If you are taking a break of more than 30 minutes, please take your belongings with you so that other students can use the space. We have laptop and standard lockers available for borrowing. Ask for keys at the Library Enquiries Desk.

Best wishes for your exams from everyone in the Library & Archives Service Team!