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Call for abstracts: Rethinking External Assistance for Health

Background In a recently published Commentary in Health Policy and Planning, we discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic consequences have raised questions about the availability, design, implementation, and accountability of external assistance for health. We argue that these questions have made … Continue reading

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Observations on Smallpox by the 9th Century Persian Physician Rhazes (865-925) : LSHTM Rare Books Blog series No. 3.

This is the latest in the LSHTM Rare Books Blog, featuring Rhazes (full-name: Muhammad ibn Zakariyā al-Rāzī). Rhazes made notable contributions to many areas of medicine. His manuscripts, carefully preserved down the centuries, were among the first medical books printed in Europe in the 15th century. After translation into Latin Rhazes’s writings became widely disseminated and were to influence the future direction of western medicine.   Continue reading

2021: A Year in DEPTH

2021 was a busy year, for DEPTH and for researchers and communities worldwide. Here are some numbers that summarise our in-DEPTH work in 2021… 1  New research project, Routes: new ways to talk about Covid for better health. Focus on Gypsy … Continue reading

2022 Updates to MeSH

Every year the indexers at the National Library of Medicine update the MeSH index terms for PubMed/Medline. Full details of the updates can be found at Here are some highlights that may be of interest to LSHTM staff and … Continue reading