ICEH Celebrates 40th Anniversary

This year is ICEH’s 40th anniversary. Our centre started from humble beginnings: a single ophthalmologist committed to improving eye health worldwide through a new concept of ‘community eye health’. From a small team working on a shoestring to improve infectious diseases and share knowledge globally, our centre has evolved to where we are today: a team of 50 with a global network of partners working across all areas of eye health.

On the 31st March 2022 our team came together with current and former staff, alumni, friends and supporters in the field for a day of talks at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Speeches discussed our history before moving onto our current activities across research, education and capacity sharing. Attendees were able to experience how integral ICEH has been to global eye health, including that two out of three of all ophthalmologists in Africa with a PhD are ICEH alumni.

We are grateful for everyone who came and for all who have continued to support us over the years, whether through partnership or financially. We look forward to sharing the next 40 years with you.

Access a recording of the day on our YouTube here: