London Book Display

As we continue to welcome new and returning students to LSHTM, we have put together a selection of books from our collection about the city of London. From bubonic plague to air pollution, the works collected cover many of the challenges of living in this city over the centuries. Whether you’ve just moved or lived here for years, we hope that you find something interesting about the city’s medical past, present, or future!  

A photograph of half of the display in the Library, consisting of seven brightly coloured books with red, blue, grey, green, yellow, and beige covers. One cover has a photograph of UCL's Cruciform Building, a red-brick Gothic former hospital.

The books chosen for the display cover numerous ways that life in London might intersect with LSHTM’s areas of research, from medicine practised in the capital to its water supply or the effects of poverty.

Further resources discussing public health and medicine in London can be found in the library catalogue using its search tools. Try using Advanced Search to look for titles or subjects containing the word “London”. 


Books on display:

Karmi, Ghada. Traditional Asian Medicine in Britain: a Survey of Traditional Practices in a West London Community. Wisbech: MENAS, 1995. CDO.439 

Black, Nick. Walking London’s Medical History. 2nd ed. London: Hodder Arnold, 2012. DU.43. Also available as an ebook

Worth, Jennifer. Call the Midwife. Twickenham: Merton, 2002. DY (WOR). 

Champion, J. A. I. London’s Dreaded Visitation: the Social Geography of the Great Plague in 1665. London: Centre for Metropolitan History, 1995. JN.D.43. 

Flaxman, Ted, and Ted Jackson. Sweet & Wholesome Water: Five Centuries of History of Water-Bearers in the City of London. Cottisford: E.W. Flaxman, 2004. SER.D.43. 

Gusmano, Michael K., Victor Rodwin, and Daniel Weisz. Health Care in World Cities: New York, Paris, and London. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2010. SOA. 

Smith, Jane. London after Tomlinson: Reorganising Big City Medicine. London: BMJ Publishing Group, 1993. SOFK.43 

Leapman, Michael. London. New York: DK 2011. ZB.43.AJ. 

The Pest Anatomized. Five Centuries of Plague in Western Europe. An Exhibition at the Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine. 4 March to 24 May 1985. London: Wellcome Institute of History of Medicine, 1985. JN.D.339 1985. 

McCarthy, Mark, and Jake Ferguson. Environment and Health in London. London: King’s Fund, 1999. SB E.43 

O’Keefe, Eileen, and Jenny Newbury. Divided London: Towards a European Public Health Approach. London: University of North London Press, 1993. SO.U.43 

Hoggett, Paul. Urban Regeneration and Mental Health in London: a Research Review. London: King’s Fund, 1999. UJ.S.43 

Kelley, Peter, Roger Peabody, and Peter Scott. How Far Will You Go?: a Survey of London Gay Men’s Migration and Mobility. London: Gay Men Fighting AIDS Ltd., 1996. UTL.U.43 

McCulley, T.B. Always with Us: a Study of the London Poor in the 1880’s and 1890’s. Oxford: Pergamon Press, 1969. ZVL.D.43