2014 update to Expert Searches in Ovid Medline

Those of you who save searches in Ovid Medline may have noticed that there are lots of searches already saved. These are added as ‘Expert Searches’ and are available to everyone who logs in via a School username and password. The Expert Searches give you a quick way to search for countries based on their World Bank income classification. These have now been updated to match the most recent data.

The changes which have been made are:

  • Kyrgyzstan, Moritania has been moved from a low-income to a lower-middle income country.
  • Albania, Belize, Fiji, Iraq, Tonga has moved from a lower-middle to an upper middle income country
  • Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Antigua and Baruba, Uruguay, Chile,  have moved from upper-middle to high income countries
  • South Sudan has been added as a lower-middle income country to the sub-Saharan Africa region.
  • Hungary has moved from a high to an upper-middle income country

Procedures have been set in place to ensure that the searches are updated in a more timely fashion in future.

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