Top 5 downloaded papers from LSHTM Research Online – November 2014

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Image caption: LSHTM Research Online statistics info-graphic for November 2014. Info-graphics are created monthly and can be download from LSHTM Research Online.

Last month LSHTM Research Online had over 27, 500 full text papers downloaded. The top three downloading countries last month were Germany, US and China.  Below are the top five downloaded papers for November:

  1. Kinoti, G; (1966) Studies on some factors affecting the development of schistosomes in their molluscan hosts. PhD thesis, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.  136 downloads.
  2. Harris, K; (2009) Reconciling organisational intent and local strategies an in-depth study of health workers in an urban leprosy project in India. PhD thesis, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. 119 downloads.
  3. CRASH-2 collaborators; Roberts, I; Shakur, H; Afolabi, A; Brohi, K; Coats, T; Dewan, Y; Gando, S; Guyatt, G; Hunt, BJ; +4 more… (2011) The importance of early treatment with tranexamic acid in bleeding trauma patients: an exploratory analysis of the CRASH-2 randomised controlled trial. Lancet, 377 (9771). 1096-101, 1101.e1-2. 112 downloads.
  4. Marston, CA; (2001) “A man gets as far as a woman wants him to”? Sexual behaviour change among young people in Mexico. University of London, London.  104 downloads.
  5. Agnandji, ST; Lell, B; Soulanoudjingar, SS; Fernandes, JF; Abossolo, BP; Conzelmann, C; Methogo, BG; Doucka, Y; Flamen, A; Mordmüller, B; +132 more… (2011) First results of phase 3 trial of RTS,S/AS01 malaria vaccine in African children. The New England journal of medicine, 365 (20). pp. 1863-75. 104 downloads.

If you are an LSHTM author and would like to make your full text papers available in LSHTM Research Online please get in touch and we can advise on publisher policies, copyright and versions.

We will be regularly posting details of the most downloaded papers from LSHTM Research Online to this blog but more detailed statistics and monthly info-graphics are available from the Research Online website or team at

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