Assetbank – the School’s new digital asset management system


Ross slides under the microscope event

Assetbank is the School’s new digital asset management system which enables staff and students to access the rich resources of the School’s images and other digital assets. These range from:

  • Historical images held in the archives
  • Images of the building, events and people taken by the School Photographer, Anne Koerber
  • Images from Research projects


The group photo below shows the laboratory girls Jane and Louise (middle row right and left respectively).

School staff and students in 1915, image from the Archives

Assetbank replaces the previous system MediaLibrary which has been available since 2008 and held over 30,000 images. We are in the process of moving a selection of these images to the new system and also adding new images.


The benefits of implementing a digital asset management system include:

  • Staff and students ability to easily access the School’s varied photographic resources
  • Speed and efficiency in providing images in response to internal and external enquiries
  • Ensuring that there is a consistent policy for the use of images across the School and copyright and use regulations are adhered to
  • Ensuring that important images which reflect the School’s history are retained in a managed system

Staff are encouraged to add images to the system. A great feature of Assetbank is that is has different levels of access and security which means that it can be used to manage images for group, department, faculty or School wide access. If you are interested in adding images, please contact the Archives team as

Assetbank is now live and accessible to staff and students

This should automatically log you into the system, but please contact the Archives team if you have any problems with this.

Bloodspot Vanuatu

Bloodspot in Vanuatu by Jackie Cook, winner of the photo competition, 2010

We will be launching a Photo competition in the next few weeks as another way to promote the new system, more details to follow.

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