BookSwap in the Library entrance area

De-stressing with books

National Stress Awareness Day (the first Wednesday in November) encourages us to think about our mental well-being and how we manage the pressures in our lives.

Mind, the mental health charity, offers advice for anyone looking to get better control of their stress levels.

But LSHTM Library & Archives Service also has a very helpful resource – the BookSwap, located opposite the Library Enquiry Desk.  Four shelves of books to read for pleasure, providing the perfect respite from study, work and the daily grind.

The BookSwap has award-winning authors (Ali Smith, Iris Murdoch, Donna Tartt), popular fiction (Ian Rankin, Dan Brown, Alexander McCall Smith), memoirs (Jo Brand, Stephen Fry) and more.

Although it’s called the BookSwap, and the sign on the bookcase mentions “Donating” before it mentions “Taking”, please don’t feel that a donation is essential.  It’s a very casual  system, so just grab a book, bring it back when you’re done, and take something else.

As philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer is supposed to have said: “I’ve never known any trouble that an hour’s reading didn’t assuage.”

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