Mental Health Awareness

I first became consciously aware of mental health when I was in my 20s, when a friend of mine was admitted to a psychiatric ward under the Mental Health Act (aka “sectioned”). This happened on two occasions, but I only witnessed the behaviour that led to this action once, when I felt frightened, confused and concerned. Once out of hospital and under medication “Pete” (name changed) apologised for his behaviour and described how things had felt to him. Expectations of family, peer groups, self-esteem and prolonged periods of unemployment had certainly been a factor in my view.

It is now recognised that mental illness contribues to approximately 14% of the global burden of disease in low and middle- income countries, with implications for society, employment and economy, and challenges in developing effective policy and awareness.

Below is a brief bibliography of key works in our book collection, which may be found in the Barnard Room.


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