World Cancer Day 2020

World Cancer Day – 4th February 2020

World Cancer Day, 4th February 2020, seeks to raise awareness of the need for governments to take action against cancer.

The WHO states that low and middle-income countries will see a surge in new cases over coming years, as public health resources in these countries have long been directed towards infectious diseases and maternal/child health rather than tackling the causes of cancer.

Books about cancer in LSHTM Library are found in the Reading Room at classmark PM.  Here are a few from the collection.


Campbell 2011 Infectious causes of cancerInfectious causes of cancer : a guide for nurses and healthcare professionals” by Kenneth Campbell. (Chichester : Wiley Blackwell, 2011)

Classmark: PM.F 2011

Examines cancers associated with infectious causes, and how the work of healthcare professionals can help to prevent them.

Livingston 2012 Improvising medicineImprovising medicine : an African oncology ward in an emerging cancer epidemic” by Julie Livingston. (Durham & London : Duke University Press, 2012)

Classmark: PM.RG.169 2012

Hope, bureaucracy, science and politics : a compassionate study of a cancer ward in Botswana.

Soliman 2013 Cancer epidemiologyCancer epidemiology : low- and middle-income countries and special populations” edited by Amr S. Soliman, David Schottenfeld and Paolo Boffetta (Oxford : OUP, 2013)

Classmark: PM.E 2013

Offers insight for teachers and students of cancer epidemiology, with methodological principles and examples from field-based and laboratory-based studies.

Cancer control opportunities in LMCs 2007Cancer control opportunities in low- and middle-income countries” by the Institute of Medicine (US) Committee on Cancer Control  in Low- and Middle-Income Countries.   (Washington DC : National Academies Press, 2007)

Classmark: PM.S 2007

Suggests practical and affordable ways of reducing the growing cancer burden in LMCs, starting with reducing the uptake of smoking.

Book cover: Devra Davis 2007 Secret History of the War on CancerThe secret history of the war on cancer” by Devra Davis. (New York : Basic Books, 2007)

Classmark: PM.D.6 2007

An exposé of how medical science has been corrupted by money and politics, with cancer diagnosis and treatment being prioritised over the control and eradication of common causes.

Policy and action for cancer prevention 2009Policy and action for cancer prevention : food, nutrition, and physical activity: a global perspective” a project of World Cancer Research Fund International. (Washington DC : World Cancer Research Fund, 2009)

Classmark: PM.S.09 2009

Offers evidence-based guidance for organisations, governments and individuals seeking to prevent cancer at all levels.



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