PrePrints added to OvidSP Embase

Good news for those of us needing to find the most up to date information as soon as possible. Records from the two biggest medical and biological preprint servers are now available on OvidSP Embase (scroll down to Embase, click the database name, then click the ‘Access Embase database’ button).

References which are posted on medRxiv and bioRxiv from November 2021 onwards are now being added to Embase. You will automatically retrieve these records when you run a search, there is no need to change your search. The preprint records are indexed using the Emtree subject headings (the Embase equivalent of MeSH).

If you want to only retrieve preprints, you can limit your search to publication type: Preprint (unpublished, non-peer reviewed). If you want to exclude preprints, you can use the limit to ‘Remove preprint records’.

Preprint records are clearly marked as such, with a link to the article on the original preprint server and a DOI link where available.

Please remember that preprints are unpublished and have not been through the peer-review process. Therefore it is even more important than usual that preprints are critically appraised before being used.

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