Unique film of an expedition to East Africa, 1936

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Airline ticket, London – Entebbe

In 1936, Major HS Leeson, an entomologist working at the School, set off on an expedition to study malarial mosquitoes in East Africa. He was accompanied by his assistant, John David Gillett, who made an extraordinary film of the whole expedition, from their departure from Croyden Airport, their flight to Entebbe and the ensuing expedition, for which they hired a seemingly indestructable Chevrolet car.


map re. film RtA

Outline route of the expedition

The School’s archives hold Major Leeson’s archive, and as part of Explore Your Archive week, we will be showing the film ‘Roads to Africa’ in the Manson Lecture Theatre at 12.45 on Tuesday 17th November. The event is free but please register

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