All LSHTM Open Data Kit forms need to be fully encrypted in order to comply with the GDPR.
The attached documents explain how to implement encryption in your forms.
Any and all data currently stored on LSHTM ODK servers which is not encrypted should be downloaded from the server and the server should then be wiped of all data.





Edit 2018-05-25

Some users may find it easier to use our simple R script to pull and decrypt data from your server in a single step. The script can be found here. To use, you will need an installation of R and RStudio.

Simply create and R project file. edit the URL, a couple of other settings and add the form IDs to match your server. Then press ‘source’ on Rstudio and the script should do the rest. After first time, just open project and press source.

Please note that you still need to install the cryptography extensions for this script to work.