What’s green and gold and transformative ?

The simple answer is Open Access funding options ! Many of you are probably familiar with the Green and Gold routes to funding your research. If not, here’s a brief reminder. Green is a free route, where you will be able to deposit a version of your manuscript to LSHTM’s Research Online repository, but the catch is, it will often there will be an embargo date set by the publisher.
Gold, by comparison is not free, but if you are funded you can often obtain funds from one of the your funder to have your article published as Open Access almost immediately on the publisher’s website. Another advantage is that it will allow for various re-uses, such as posting on an open access repository and distributing in other ways without asking permission of the publisher. A Creative Commons licence is usually attached to the article.
That is Green and Gold in a nutshell. How about the “transformative”. Well simply put this is a hybrid approach. The Library will arrange a deal with a publisher covering the cost of both subscription access to a publisher’s journals and open access publishing in those journals.

LSHTM has a number of such deals available as listed :
BMJ, Cambridge University Press, The Company of Biologists, Microbiology Society, The Royal Society, SAGE, Wiley, and we are about to sign up with OUP. These deals are also available as funded and non-funded researchers.
Using this approach, such deals can be arranged on the proviso that the publisher will move to Open Access publishing. The mysterious “Plan S”, requires that, from 2021, scientific publications that result from research funded by public grants must be published in compliant Open Access journals or platforms.

Once again, if you are interested to know more see our Service Desk pages at – https://lshtm.topdesk.net/tas/public/ssp/content/detail/knowledgeitem?unid=79e644e98da449bd8f216fed6df57751