Green Libraries Week – Climate Crisis Eresources

Throughout Green Libraries Week, we’ve been blogging about the relationship between sustainability and libraries, and highlighting LSHTM Library resources and initiatives. As noted in the introductory post on Monday, the climate crisis can affect and is affecting every one of us, while particularly affecting many of the world’s most vulnerable communities. LSHTM Library collects resources on climatology, climate change, and sustainability as they are important to public health and global health. Monday’s blogpost also highlighted some of the physical books on the topic that we have in our collections, which area also currently on display in the Library ready for you to browse at your convenience. This post seeks to build on that, by highlighting some of our other resources on sustainability and climate change, such as databases, ebooks, or journal collections.


The Library subscribes to JSTOR’s Sustainability Collection. This consists of numerous journals – more than 100 at last count – and research reports from thinktanks worldwide, tackling the topic of sustainability from a huge variety of angles and perspectives. From journals focused on sociology, law, or organisations, like Urban Studies, Renewable Energy Law and Policy Review, or Journal of Asian Sociology, to those dealing with climatology, agriculture, or engineering, such as Journal of Hydrometeorology, Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems, or Wind Engineering. Take a look at JSTOR’s own web guide for even more details, and have a look around for yourself on the site!

In addition to all these resources, the Library has catalogued materials from free and Open Access journals, including many related to climate change, sustainability, and environmental sciences in general. You’ll therefore be able to find relevant open access articles for your research in these areas just by searching our catalogue. You can also search for and browse for journals on the DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals). Linked on there are currently 95 more journals related to climate change.


Performing a literature search rather than browsing around for reading material? Not to worry – in addition to larger databases covering all aspects of science, we can also signpost you to several databases specialising in environmental and climate research. For instance, REPIDISCA is a regional portal for data from UN agencies relating to sanitary engineering and environmental sciences in Latin America and the Caribbean. GreenFILE, on the other hand, covers any area related to the environment’s relationship with humans, including sustainability, climate change, and pollution.

Our Databases page also lets you filter all of the databases we subscribe to by subject matter, including environmental health.


We have access to numerous climate studies and sustainability ebooks, such as

Open Access ebooks accessible by searching the Library include:

Try searching Discover for keywords like ‘sustainability’ or ‘climate change’ to find even more resources. You can also filter results to only include books, or narrow down dates of publication, or a variety of other options. Make sure you’re logged into Discover when searching it, so you can access all available information and really get the most out of your searches.