SamSam Alsford | ResearchGate | Google Scholar
PI & Associate Professor

PhD – Genome organisation & segregation in Trypanosoma brucei (University of Manchester)
MSc – Molecular Biology of Infectious Diseases (LSHTM)
BSc – Microbiology (Imperial College, London)


Juan Pereira de Macêdo | ResearchGate
Post-doctoral research fellow (Swiss National Science Foundation)
Post-doc – Functional characterization of T. brucei amino acid transporters (University of
Bern, Switzerland)
PhD – Characterization of choline uptake in T. brucei (University of
MSc – Immunology and Biochemistry (Federal University of
Minas Gerais, Brazil)


Emily Young 
PhD rotation student (BBSRC LIDo programme)
BSc – Biomedical Science (University of Sheffield)



Khalid Alzahrani, Jul-Oct2016 – visiting PhD student (Prof Harry de Koning group, Glasgow University)
Dr Rachel Currier, Aug2013-Sep2016 – PostDoc, serum & apoL1 sensitivity determinants (MRC funded)
Carrie Coggon, Jun-Sep2016 – MSc project students (Molecular Biology of Infectious Diseases)
Dr Yanika Borg, Oct-Dec2015 – visiting PostDoc (Maths & Biochemical Engineering, UCL)
Clare Collett & Carl Kitson, Jun-Sep2015 – MSc project students (Medical Parasitology)
Helen Leggis, Jun-Sep2014 – MSc project student (Molecular Biology of Infectious Diseases)
Yanika Borg, Nov2013-Sep2014 – visiting PhD student (Maths & Biochemical Engineering, UCL)
Heather Steele-Stallard, Feb-May2014 – BBSRC DTP rotation student