Medical Mycology Course

Lecture and Practical Course in Medical Mycology

Cape Town, December 2018

The ‘Lecture and Practical Course in Medical Mycology’ took place in Cape Town from 10-14 December 2018. The AFGrica Unit (a collaboration between the University of Cape Town and the University of Aberdeen), Institut Pasteur and the AMBITION-cm Trial Consortium joined forces to offer a one–week English-speaking course for Scientists and Clinicians, which aimed to provide a comprehensive overview of Medical Mycology. Delegates participated in a rich programme of lectures, workshops and practical laboratory sessions focusing on the key fungal pathogens in Africa and the microbiological, immunological and clinical aspects of fungal diseases.

The course brought together 12 delegates from the AMBITION consortium, four delegates from the EDCTP-funded DREAMM study, 16 delegates from elsewhere in Africa (Cameroon, Ethiopia, Egypt, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria and Senegal) and 18 teaching staff. The course was a wonderful opportunity for the delegates and teaching team to share knowledge and experience and to build new connections across the continent.

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