St. George’s, University of London

Founded in 1733, St. George’s University, London (SGUL) is the only UK university dedicated solely to medical and health research, education and training. Research is divided into three broad areas: Molecular and Clinical Sciences, Population Health, and Infection & Immunity. Within the latter there is a substantial focus upon cryptococcal and pneumococcal infections, alongside research into malaria, TB and HIV.

St. George’s AMBITION Team

Prof. Tom Harrison: Co-Chief Investigator

My research group seeks to address the pathophysiology, immunology, management and prevention of cryptococcal meningitis.  I was Chief Investigator for the Phase III ACTA study, and have led related trials in Thailand, Cape Town, Uganda and Malawi which have significantly shaped international treatment guidelines. I am also Deputy Academic Lead for the SGUL Clinical Infection Unit, Deputy Director of the Institute of Infection & Immunity and a clinician at the Clinical Infection Unit at St. George’s Hospital.

I work closely with Joe, with the study management team and with all collaborators to ensure effective trial delivery.

I work closely with Joe, with the study management team and with all collaborators to ensure effective trial delivery.

Dr. Angela Loyse: Co-Investigator

I am an Infectious Diseases Clinician and Researcher (clinical and implementation) in the fields of AIDS and, in particular, (HIV)-related meningo-encephalitis. I am Chief Investigator of the Driving Reduced AIDS-associated Meningo-encephalitis Mortality (DREAMM) Project, funded by the EDCTP and ANRS and backed by Institut Pasteur, which aims to effectively and sustainably reduce HIV-related meningo-encephalitis mortality across three sites in Africa.

I have designed and am leading two sister projects: 1) Development and evaluation of polyvalent diagnostic tests in collaboration with Institut Pasteur and industry; and 2) Optimisation of nanopore technology for the diagnosis of HIV-associated meningo-encephalitis in resource-limited settings. I am also Chair of the Cryptococcal Meningitis Action Group, which aims to improve access to diagnostic tests and essential antifungal medicines for HIV-associated cryptococcal meningitis in low- and middle-income countries. As a result of this work, I am also Co-Chair for an Advanced AIDS Consortium, championed by WHO and CDC.

I am a lead investigator for the REFINE trial and a WHO Expert Panel Member for the upcoming guidelines on cryptococcal meningitis. I have also played a key role in the recently completed ACTA trial.

Dr. Síle Molloy: Co-Investigator

I am an Epidemiologist and International Project Manager working on Cryptococcal meningitis (CM) treatment trials and implementation projects across 12 sites in sub-Saharan Africa. My main research interests are in improving standard of care for CM patients and I am particularly interested in the design, conduct and analysis of large Phase III clinical trials in resource limited-settings as well as implementation research to improve access to essential medicines and diagnostics.

I am a Co-Investigator on the AMBITION and DREAMM projects, and support the trial management and analysis teams while also helping to lead on training and capacity building activities.

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