Refilwe Mmipi, BHP

Refilwe Mmipi: Administrative Assistant

The welcoming face at BHP…

Fifi is an Administrative Assistant by profession, and holds an Advanced Diploma in Marketing Management. FifI began working for Botswana Harvard AIDS Institute Partnership in 2013, and joined the AMBITION study team as the Administrative Assistant on 1 June 2017.

Fifi oversees the day-to-day running of the BHP site. She is an integral member of the team and works closely with participants, families, and the wider BHP study team on a daily basis. On a recent Financial Support Visit to the Gaborone recruiting site in December 2019, Fifi kindly granted us permission to follow her on a typical working day at BHP.

Check it out here:

Fifi getting stuck into a day of administrative tasks. Maintaining an effective record-keeping system is essential on the AMBITION trial, and it’s safe to say that Fifi has mastered that skill!

Fifi and Philippa (Financial & Administrative Project Manager) reviewing BHP colleagues’ timesheets together later on that afternoon. It takes endless patience to oversee and coordinate the signing of all colleagues’ timesheets every month, and so we are very appreciative of the continuous effort Fifi puts into ensuring all paperwork is processed in an efficient and timely manner.

Fifi is great at cultivating relationships with colleagues, participants and families alike; an attribute which plays an important part in supporting participants and families through the clinical process. She is also responsible for dealing with the travel reimbursement process, so as to ensure no participant is lost to follow up.

Fifi in her natural element; welcoming all as the face of the Gaborone recruiting site! You can always find Fifi behind the Reception desk at BHP, so pop by and say hello if you ever get a chance!

Many thanks to Fifi for letting us follow her around for the day. It is great to see first hand the hard work and effort she puts into ensuring AMBITION runs smoothly in Gaborone – her contribution is invaluable!

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