Uganda (20-29 January 2020)

A number of scheduled monitoring visits take place every year at each of the six recruiting sites. These visits provide an excellent opportunity for all study teams to address any clinical and administrative issues they may be facing, as well affording them the time to review EDC entries, and ensure all trial related documents are being kept up-to-date.

Below is a snapshot of some of the important work that is conducted by colleagues during these important visits.

Uganda Monitoring Visit: 20-29 January 2020

Dr. David Meya, Dr. Conrad Muzoora and fellow AMBITION team members at IDI Uganda (Kampala and Mbarara recruiting sites) hosted Dr. Nabila Youssouf and Dr. David Lawrence from 20-29 January 2020, marking the first monitoring visit of the New Year 2020. First up was a trip to visit colleagues at the recruiting site in Kampala from 21-24 January.

The visit provided an excellent opportunity to review participant files following the Christmas period, and to work together to address any outstanding administrative and clinical queries.

Behind the scenes inside the IDI lab in Kampala
Dr. Laura Nsangi (Study Coordinator), Andrew Akampurira (Medical Laboratory Technologist) Tonny Luggya, and Dr. David Lawrence performing a sample spot check on 22 January.
Andrew Akampurira placing AMBITION samples into storage in the IDI lab on 22 January

As usual, routine lab and pharmacy checks took place, demonstrating excellent record keeping in Kampala. As seen here, a collaborative team effort is required to ensure that all aspects of the sample storage process are maintained according to AMBITION protocol standards.

Laura, Andrew, Tonny and David performing additional sample spot checks!

As is customary following every monitoring visit, Nabila and David debriefed the IDI Kampala study team in a closing session on 24 January, where the findings from the visit were openly discussed in a group forum.

And just like that, the first week of the monitoring visit came to a close. Next stop was Mbarara! But not before loading up on study drugs for transport to our Mbarara colleagues. A lovely little action shot of some boxes of fungizone being packed into the car on the final day of the Kampala visit on 24 January.

David, Samuel Jjunju (Study Doctor), and Irene Rwomushana conducting a sample spot check in the Mbarara Pharmacy fridge on 27 January
Irene and Davis arranging the Fungizone stock in the Mbarara Pharmacy fridge on 27 January

The Mbarara visit allowed the IDI team to work closely with Nabila and David on reviewing various study documentation, as well as the time to provide support with the EDC while routine updates continue to be made.

The first multi-site monitoring visit of the new decade proved to be a great success! We are thankful to colleagues at both IDI recruiting sites for their generous hospitality during these two weeks: Nabila and David are very much looking forward to returning later on in the year.

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