This is an immunogenetic sub-study conducted at MLW, Blantyre, and led by Dr. Kat Stott. The title is an acronym for the STudy Of Pharmacodynamics in Cryptococcal Meningitis and is closely linked to the PK/PD sub-study. STOP-CM examines immunological and microbiological factors that may influence the success of drug treatment for cryptococcal meningitis.

Plasma and CSF samples have been stored for cytokine profiling, and a phagocytosis assay has been conducted in real time. These immunological analyses are being conducted on site in the MLW laboratory. For the microbiological investigations, multiple strains of cryptococcus have been collected at serial time points for robotic phenotyping and whole genome sequencing. In addition, CSF samples have been stored for pathogen transcriptomic analysis. This work is being carried out in collaboration with both the University of Liverpool, and Duke University (USA).

Left to right: Ajisa Ahmadu: Laboratory Technician; Wezi Chimang’anga: Research Nurse; Aubrey Kadzilimbire: House keeper; Ebbie Gumbi Gondwe: Senior Research Nurse and Madalitso Chasweka: Research Nurse.

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