25% discount on APC in BMJ Journals

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All staff and students who publish in a BMJ journal and wish to make their article immediately ‘Open Access’ now qualify for a 25% discount on the fee. This discount will be applied after acceptance and prior to payment and based upon the corresponding author/PI’s LSHTM affiliation. This process will be automatic in a few weeks but at present you will need to inform the editors of the journal that you qualify for the discount. If you have any problems or questions contact researchonline@lshtm.ac.uk

Not all BMJ journals are pure Open Access so it is up the authors whether or not they want to go Open Access, however if you are Wellcome or RCUK funded then you are expected to select the Open Access option.

Totally Open Access BMJ journals:


BMJ Open

BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care

BMJ Open Gastroentorology

BMJ Open Respiratory Research

Lupus Science & Medicine

Open Heart

Veterinary Record Open




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