Turning old books into e-books: our rare books go digital

b21364205The Internet Archive have started to publish high resolution scans of the School’s 19th century books and pamphlets on their site. The files can be downloaded and viewed in a variety of file types including PDF, EPUB and Kindle.

Maybe you’d like to read the Report from the Select Committee on Habitual Drunkards (often an issue at this time of year), or if you’re leaving London over the holiday season you might want some travel health advice from James Lind’s Essay on Diseases Incidental to Europeans in Hot Climates.

If you overindulge over Christmas, you might wish to read an early treatise on the advantages to drinking spring water, or look for some early tips in claiming sickness benefit.

If you’re thinking of coming to LSHTM in the future, you may want to have a look at the Reports on the Diseases of London and the state of the Weather.

Watch out for hundreds more books and pamphlets being made available from our collections over the next few months.

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