Library Feedback

It’s that time of year again, as we come to the end of the academic year, that we ask you how you think we’re doing. You will receive an email from the Library asking you 2 questions:

  1. Overall how satisfied are you with the Library & Archives Service?
  2. Overall how satisfied are you with Library resources?

All you need to do is open the email and click on the link that best describes your level of satisfaction for each question.


You’ll then be given the option to leave more detailed feedback if you want to.

The feedback we get from students and staff guides our decision making and helps improve the Library & Archives Service for future users. Some recent changes we’ve made as a result of Library user feedback are:

  1. Installation of a water cooler in Library
  2. More study space provided during the revision period
  3. Changes to food and drink rules
  4. Cards to remind Library users to take their belongings with them when they go for breaks
  5. Lighting in the North Courtyard

Next time you’re in the Library, take a look at our ‘You Said We Did’ display above the water cooler, or visit our feedback responses page on the Student Portal/Staff Intranet. No matter what the time of year, we are always interested in hearing from you and have multiple ways for you to get in touch:


Thank you for your feedback!

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