eJournals – making the most of online journal platforms

The pandemic has meant a lot of changes with how the Library is delivering its collections service for staff and students. With all courses currently being taught online, and the inability to access the physical collection, this has meant a sharp increase in access to electronic journals.

The library now offers access to over 6,500 eJournal titles through Discover covering subjects from Science, Technology and Medicine (STM) and the Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS).

Journals are found on many different publisher and provider platforms (it is recommended that you access them through Discover or Moodle rather than directly), each with their own variety of additional features that can assist you in your studies and research. 

The platforms allow users to set up personal accounts which enable email alerts and RSS feeds for new articles, save searches, receive personalised recommendations lists, and more.  Most platforms provide standard features such as help with search strategies, sharing articles, social media functions, citation tools, and email updates.

The table below highlights some of the main publisher platforms and the ways they enable readers to interact with their content.

For students and staff at the London School of Hygiene, more support with the services the Library can be found can be found on the Library and Archive Services Service Desk Pages:

Self-Service Portal – Library & Archives (topdesk.net)

Self-Service Portal – Accessing library resources (topdesk.net)

User guides for the platforms listed in the table can be found on the following Service Desk Link:
Self-Service Portal – Ejournal Platforms : Making the most of eJournals (topdesk.net)

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